A BRIEF: What I really write and read…

My blogs before:

Before this blog Elysian and Cynosure I’ve had loads of blogs; a plethora. Now, what I had on those blogs is completely different than this blog. And I don’t regret it; I am completely happy with my current blog, it is beautiful.

My first blog was on Weebly, it featured short stories written by me. I was 12 back then (2013). I was not very regular; not because I did not gain views or likes, and also not because I could not think of any more stories but because I thought that there are many chances that people may steal my stories. So I deleted my blog after a year.

Then I made my second blog on WordPress (I guess 2014) which I don’t remember much about. It was a mess. I wrote articles on it but not with much care. I downloaded the WordPress app on my android and whenever I thought of something new I just typed on and on and without reviewing and checking I published it without any tags or anything. There was this girl in my school who had this blog with 400+ followers and 10+ likes on every post and after that I thought ‘I do need to think about followers and likes on my blog.’ And then for the first time ever I read my own blog and I thought ‘This is not who I am and what I write!’ So I took down another blog.

Then in 2016 I made another blog named JustAdz on WordPress. And on that I wrote articles and stuff (they were pretty good) but then again I did not review it and check it which led to my blog looking shabby and unprofessional. My articles were pretty good (I am the best critic of myself) but my blog did not give that look. So in 2017 I took it down. 

Then in 2017 I made another blog Elysian and Cynosure on WordPress. But I was walking the safe road this time. I did not have content to publish so I waited. Then one day when I was travelling and I had nothing to do, I downloaded the MS Word app on my android and started saving poems, haikus, odes, limericks, epics, narratives, etc. on . Reading them I was mesmerized, so I started writing my own haikus, then after 2 haikus, I wrote my first limerick. Unfortunately for me the format was incorrect (it was not in the rhyme scheme A-A-B-B-A but the syllables were correct which is 8/9-8/9-5/6-5/6-8/9). So I edited it and uploaded it once more. No one really said anything when the format was wrong but I felt that whatever I do should be either perfect or non-exsistent (trust me, that’s my motto since I was 10).

What I read:
I read a lot of fiction. I read sci-fi, mythology (Indian and Greek are my favourite), adventure, fantasy (fantasy is my favourite genre). Name any type of fiction I love to read it all.

Then I read many inspirational and self help books; not because they are very helpful but because I am very philosophical. I love Robin Sharma, Shiv Khera, etc. 

Then I read many biographies and auto-biographies. I love to read them not because they inspire me or motivate me, it’s because I am quite philosophical. I’ve read about Einstein, Madam Curie, Helen Keller, Anne Frank, A. R Rahman, Enid Blyton, Joanne Rowling, Tenzing Norgay, Swami Vivekananda, MK Gandhi, Kalapana Chawla, Steve Jobs, JRD Tata, Sachin Tendulkar, Sania Mirza, John Lennon, Jhansi ki Rani, many Indian kings and queens, Shakuntala, etc. I’ve read a lot and I can’t name them all. And yes, I read a lot of mythology; lots.

What I write:

I am a writer rather than a poet. *laughs*  I know, my blog is misleading, but I am a writer at heart. I am not a poet; now, well it must show that I am not a poet because some of my poems may look simply bad. But the point is I write articles, stories and do content writing and creative writing. I wrote poems till I was 11 but then I left writing more of them. Mostly because when I was 9 I wrote this poem about trees. 

Poem I wrote when I was 9… It was published in a newspaper!
When I was 10, my school asked to submit our poems for the school magazine. I remember about it only when it was deadline so I turned in this old poem only because I didn’t have time to write a new one. Now the rule was strict, no plagiarism, so the other day this teacher comes and scolds that I have copied this poem:

Teacher: You have copied this poem from the internet, haven’t you?

Me: No ma’am. It is completely original.

T: No way! You are lying! There is no way one so young can write a poem like this!

M: But ma’am I had written this when I was 9!


And there you go! Since that day I stopped writing poems because I thought that if this is going to happen with every one of my poems then it’s better not to write none at all! 

But I continued writing articles and 2 of them got published in HT Times (Hindustan Times: India Wide Newspaper) and TOI (Times of India Education). It was brilliant! I was 15. 

HT Times (2016)
HT Times (2016)

Well, there you go all my writing and reading history and present! 

Hope you enjoyed!