Overlooking good times

This tale is for Kat’s Twittering tale #77.

Photo by Min An at Pexels.com

My younger self would always be dying to be my age but now I have stopped dreaming about growing up for good. This building of age is wicked, I now look upon my younger self from a floor above, wanting to replay. As I reflect back, even my younger self is gazing down with regret.

Total characters- 280


16 thoughts on “Overlooking good times

    1. I am pleased that you liked it. :)) I have had met so many people with so many regrets but the principle one being maturing so fast and impatiently that they hadn’t had time to enjoy as they climbed the stairs. This tale serves as a reminder to everyone (even those who are now adults) to enjoy each floor of life no matter how close they are to the rooftop.

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