Haibun: Sita

This Haibun is for Colleen’s Weekly Challenge #72. The words are synonyms of



Queen Sunaina rides forward, the horse galloping towards the six wolves trying to get hold of the vulture- vulture or the bundle beneath him: what looked like a furrow in dry mud, the bundle starts moving, a misconception, not a bundle but a baby. The wolves bite ferociously at the vulture drawing blood.

Wolves tug at the wing-

speedy flux from detached wing,

flux of noble blood;

Queen strikes the wolves her sword, the wolves run away, She looks into the eyes of the vulture, which slowly loses light, he collapses on the ground.

An innocent wail

heard from the womb of the earth,

died protecting baby.

Queen gently picks up the baby and rocks the baby in her arms and arranges a royal cremation for the vulture who had more heart than those who left the little child.

The Haibun is inspired by Chapter two of the book: Warrior of Mithila- Sita, by Amish Tripathi. Amazing book, really, still waiting for the third. The previous trilogy of Shiv was amazing, and the narrative structure of Ram Chandra series is impressive ❤

This is my first ever Colleen’s challenge! I hope you like it as much I was excited writing it! :))

I invite you all to the Weekly Challenge! Here is the link to it: https://colleenchesebro.com/2018/02/20/colleens-weekly-tanka-tuesday-poetry-challenge-no-72-breakthrough-movement-snyonymsonly/

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