Dreams so big

A cool breeze that smells of fresh grass and the fragrance of citrus blows by on a warm, sunny day. A perfect day. Two hours till the sun is at its highest pinnacle.

The birds peck at the roads idly, hoping for a grain. The stray dogs friendly-fight with each other.

Enormous, tall building made of glass reflect the sun rays. The roads are mostly empty except for a few idle hawkers.

When looked closely one could see people in an office sulking whereas some argue.

If thoughts could be heard, on this office floor they could be heard as:

“I hate my boss. He would only support employees from his state; from where he belongs.”

“I won’t let him get a promotion. If he does, I’ll lose my position.”

“I’ll not invite him to this conference. I’ll try to get all the credit.”

And such thoughts continued; endlessly.

A few miles to the north is a school. A big, private school. Here too kids are sulking; teachers are sulking too. No one seems to be happy with their lives.

The kids hastily copy text from their textbook to their notebook.

What is already written in their books is being copy pasted in notebooks.

An evident waste of paper and ink.

The teachers have no other choice but to judge students on the basis of their marks.

In today’s date, education is less about knowledge and more about passing and scoring marks.

The sky is very blue;azure.

The white, fluffy clouds sway lazily. The world is beautiful and unnoticed.

The cool breeze comes from the ponds and lakes and seas and oceans.

The scene shifts to the setting of a sea, and one could see the plam trees swaying. The shells on the sand and the sea waves hoping to and fro.

One cannot imagine the depths of the ocean. So much to know, so much to discover.

So many fishes not catalogued yet.

So many species of flora not found yet.

So many birds and animals undiscovered.

So many insects waiting to be found.

The sky reaches out for us.

The sea beckons us towards it.

The sea gulls dive into the water but at the last moment- when they are just about to hit the water-flap their wings and take flight towards the endless sky.

Higher and higher we go, through the layers of atmosphere into space.

One could see planets revolving around the sun and the respective moons revolving around their respective planets.

It took so many years to discover that we live in one of the planets of the solar system.

Even more years to realise that we live in the milky-way.

And even more years to realise that there are so many more galaxies out there.

There are so many more beautiful and great and brilliant things to discover.

And we have only 70-80 years to live.

Yet, we are constantly wasting our lives in endless arguments and childish thoughts.

When we should be united, we get whiny think about stupid things like a collegue having more salary than you or your classmate scoring more than you.

We whine and fuss and talk crap.

There are so many questions unanswered:

Who is the mighty creator of this universe?

What is the mystery of the Bermuda triangle.

Craft your dreams a little bigger and you won’t be ever bothered by such petty things.

As an individual, I’m sometimes found confounded, why do we even get bothered by such petty problems?

When we should be on our quest to answer the unanswered questions and achieve our dreams?

I have dreams so big, to imagine about the afterlife and the Beyond that I hesitate to tell all about it to people.

Dreams so big that I’m afraid to reveal it to small minded people.


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