Writers and Poets: My love for books

But each time you read, it's magical. I would never trade that feeling even for the most precious thing in this universe.

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For if there was no moon The night would have  Been overcome by darkness And the night would have Never been beautiful. But most important of all She would have never known How love feels;

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Limerick #4

I want to be a kite soaring high, Fly straight and bright in the azure sky; Yet, what is life without hills- ups and downs throughout. Let my life sing the waves' sigh. ~Aditi Mahadware

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You vs You

It's not your fault you want to end your own precious life; it's our fault- as humans-that we pushed you to such an extent that you break and take your own life.

Dreams so big

There are so many more beautiful and great and brilliant things to discover. And we have only 70-80 years to live. Yet, we are constantly wasting our lives in endless arguments and childish thoughts.

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